Company History

The Early Years

Senior Systems was founded in 1992 by R. Russell Alfieri, who had over ten years experience in the design, development, and implementation of integrated administrative systems for large independent K–12 schools in the New England area. Russ was joined by George C. Bowker III, who also had many years of experience in the field. Russ and George developed and implemented our company’s vision of providing a truly integrated, single database system, using the Windows and SQL database platform.

The Maturing Years

In 1995, we began to increase our product awareness and services on a national scale. Our vision of an integrated software solution was immediately accepted and embraced by independent schools across the country. With this success, the company entered a period of high growth. Enhancements were continuously added to our products to help meet the growing needs of independent schools across the country. In 2000, as schools were transitioning to Web-based applications and services, we developed and expanded our product line to include the My BackPack™ Web portal offering, and our Ascendance Cloud option, both of which continue to grow rapidly in popularity. 2012 was a very busy year for our company. We began re-branding our original software by naming it, Ascendance—distinguishing it from our future Web-based software.

We celebrated our twentieth year of business as a successful and innovative company in the independent school market. We also launched our Mobile Application Software, allowing data access to students, parents, and faculty on mobile devices.

Today and the Future

As we continue to experience steady growth and expanded acceptance of our products, we maintain our initial commitment of providing the best possible products along with superior service. We constantly strive to address the individual needs of each of our clients, including customizing our products and services where necessary. Throughout our history, we have consistently been a leader in the use of the latest technology and we will continue to bring practical, proven solutions to our current and future clients.