School Management Software from Senior Systems – Integrated, Modular, Scalable, Single Database Solution!

Everything you need to run your private or independent school. All tied together. Senior Systems provides a comprehensive enterprise-style database system for private and independent K-12 schools. All the pieces work together because all the data is stored in a single, central database. You can get just the modules you need, and you can add more whenever you’re ready.

Enter once, use everywhere! With Senior Systems, you get the best of both worlds—modular software components give you the flexibility to configure just the system you need, but all the modules utilize a single, central database for seamless integration. You don’t have any of the headaches that come with trying to keep multiple copies of data synchronized between applications. Along with improved data integrity, full integration also gives you real productivity benefits, since your staff doesn’t need to enter the same data more than once. And full integration means real-time updating, so you know you’ve got the latest version.

Senior Systems solution includes: Admissions; Business Office; Registrar; Alumni Development; Summer School; Campus Store; numerous add-ons; the complete suite of My BackPack Communities; Dashboard modules; and mobile applications.

Module List


Provides inquiry/prospect tracking, interviews and visits, follow-up letters and statistical reporting.

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Products Functionality Description
Enrollment Management Add-On Tracks sending and receiving of contracts. Replicates your current enrollment and re-enrollment contracts processes. Includes tracking follow up letters and statistical reporting.
Financial Aid Add-On Tracks the management of the financial aid application process
needs assessment and notification of grants and Financial Aid Awards. System integrates with third party solutions such as SSS and COMP ASSIST.
Web Components Web Student/Parent Community
Online Inquiry/Application
Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment

Business Office

Includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

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Products Functionality Description
Accounts Receivable Core Includes tailored Tuition Billing, Charge Posting, Cash Receipts, Statement generation and Aged Trial Balance reporting.
Accounts Payable Core Includes Purchase Order processing with encumbrance, Vendor Invoice entry with detailed expense distribution, Cash Disbursement cycle, Vendor History and 1099-vendor processing.
General Ledger Core Provides Debit/Credit entries, Trial Balance, Detailed Audit Trail Department Activity reports, and Budget and Income reporting. Activities from other Senior applications are automatically posted to the General Ledger.
Budget Management Add-On Provides department heads with secure access to their account balances and budgets. Includes summary and detail reports. Allows views of Budget, Beginning Balance, Activity, Ending Balance, Unexpended Balance, Unencumbered Balance, Budget Percentage Change and more.
Purchase Request Add-On Allows anyone with access to the Budget Management System to fill out purchase forms online and route them to the proper supervisor for approval. The purchasing coordinator can then convert approved requests to purchase orders.
Online Budget Management Add-On Provides the functionality from both the Budget Management and Purchase Requests modules in an easy-to-use web application that does not require any Citrix licensing, thereby facilitating a larger number of users with no additional licensing cost. Browser-based application includes graph widgets to display budget and spending data.
Fixed Assets Add-On Allows easy access to all important asset information such as purchase date, date in service, PO#, vendor, price, model, serial number, location, and more. Allows each asset to be created in the Accounts Payable module through the invoice entry screen. Provides views of historical and projected depreciation transaction periods. Records warranty details and asset photographs. Provides preventative maintenance and automatic reminders. Define unlimited Asset Classifications, such as (Land, Building, Equipment, Vehicle etc.) for reporting.
Web Components Web Student/Parent Community
Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment


Includes Centralized Grade Posting, Transcripts, Report Cards, ranking, weighted averages and reports by class and profiles.

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Products Functionality Description
Dean’s Office Core Includes student attendance and discipline tracking, monitoring, and follow-up. Boarding schools can track weekend sign outs and permissions.
Basic Scheduling Core Includes Student Course Scheduling. Faculty and Department Scheduling can also be incorporated. Includes base scheduling with block or modular scheduling with user defined terms, marking periods and conflicts display, add/drop tracking.
Schedule Builder/Loader Add-On Processes Student Course Requests by course or by student, and generates and loads a master schedule. Flexible sorting feature with real time schedules by student, period, department, faculty and course name.
Placement Add-On Tracks students through college search and placement process. System provides for checklist of required items by school, contact and deadline information as well as profile reports.
Web Components Web Faculty/Staff Community
Daily Gradebook
Student/Parent Community
Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment


Provides Constituent Management including Campaign, Appeal and Prospect Maintenance. System includes robust reporting, pledge and gift processing (payments, stock, In-kind) for multiple campaigns and appeals. Includes relationship management with constituent labels, biocards, phon-a-thon and management reporting with comparisons to previous and consecutive years.

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Products Functionality Description
Events Management Add-On Provides management of fundraising events including vendors, attendees, expenses, revenues and event details such as schedules, seating arrangements and all transactions.
Web Components Web Alumni/Development Community

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