Share data and communicate with your private or independent school communities with the My BackPack™ Web Portal.

Communication and access to data are crucial to the success and productivity of any enterprise. You need to share with students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni, and perhaps applicants and program registrants as well. Students and parents need access to grades, attendance, homework, and directories. Parents also need to be able to view statements and pay bills online. Faculty and staff need a convenient method to enter grades, attendance, and discipline, send broadcast emails, and to look up student data. Alumni need a way to connect with the school and each other, to make gifts and pledges, and to review their giving history. Payments need to be processed smoothly into your bank account. For all this, you need a web portal that is directly integrated with your central database to ensure that everyone has current data, and that integrates with popular merchant account payment gateways.

To learn more about our My BackPack module and its add-ons, download the product sheet.

My BackPack™ Web Portal is a collection of community modules which provides database access and additional functionality to specific groups associated with your school. Each user sees a customized landing page with a menu for all functions appropriate to his/her community and security group. My BackPack™ also integrates with popular merchant account payment gateways to provide seamless payment processing.


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