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25 Years of Unrivaled Excellence in Software Solutions for Independent Schools

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Senior Systems offers a complete administrative solution to manage and access real-time school data with cross-functional communication tailored to the unique needs of independent schools. We deliver solutions every day to give faculty, staff, parents, and students accurate essential data that is faster, more secure and more efficient than ever before.

Senior Systems is now part of a larger independent school collective called Education Brands. Education Brands is a family of dedicated, education-focused software and service companies working closely with more than 4,000 schools to help them thrive in today’s digital environment. We are passionate about education technology and believe by working together, we can deliver the best solutions for our schools.

Management Team

Mike Gustin

General Manager

Michael J. Gustin is the General Manager for Senior Systems, Inc. Mike joined the company in 1997, starting in support and was a road warrior his first 10 years. He has enjoyed growing with Senior Systems and getting to learn many aspects of the business. Mike is responsible for the entire organization and couldn’t do it without his seasoned and experienced management staff. In his spare time, Mike enjoys traveling the world and doing house projects.

Cheryl Williams

Director, Project Management Services

Cheryl joined the company in 1995 as Senior Systems' first Support employee. Shortly thereafter she starting doing Implementation and Training for schools and continues to be involved in that area to this day. Cheryl is responsible for a team of Project Managers who handle larger Implementation Projects and work closely with the School and their assigned Implementation/ Trainers to develop a project plan, identify action items and manage risk. Cheryl has product expertise in the Accounting, Admissions and Advancement products and often gets involved in training new hires working with these products. In her spare time, Cheryl volunteers at a local wildlife rehabilitation center assisting with the care of injured birds.

Chris Gilbert

Software Development Manager

Chris is currently responsible for the development of both the Ascendance and Radius product lines reporting to the VP of Product Development. He joined the company in 1995 as a Software Developer for what is now the Ascendance product line. Through the years, he has worked on most of the Ascendance products and is now using his knowledge of Independent School software to guide the development of Radius.

Jeffrey Bambauer

Product/UX Manager

Jeff is the Manager of the Product Management and User Experience groups for Senior Systems, Inc. Jeff joined the company in 2006 in the Marlboro office and reports to the VP of Product Development. He oversees both the product and UX teams and helps drive product direction and focus development efforts on impactful enhancements. With a background in UI/UX he is able to bring that unique perspective to product management.