Exclusively Serving PK-12 Independent Schools Since 1992

Founded in 1992 by two developers who had a decade of experience implementing custom solutions for K-12 independent schools, decided to launch a new venture to provide truly integrated solutions exclusively for independent schools in the New England area.

Senior Systems began to increase product awareness and services on a national scale in 1995. The company’s vision of an integrated software solution was immediately accepted and embraced by independent schools across the country. With this success, the company entered a period of high growth. As schools were transitioning to Web-based applications and services starting in 2000, we developed and expanded our product line to include the My BackPack Web portal and our Ascendance Cloud option, both of which continue to grow rapidly in popularity.

Joining Forces with Education Brands

In 2016, Senior Systems formally joined forces with Education Brands, a combined force of like-minded school solution providers to expand our proven, integrated suite of best-of-breed solutions and superior customer service to PK-12 independent schools worldwide. The complementary strengths of our combined force and vibrant partner ecosystems make us the premier school management provider in the market.

Future Outlook and Innovation

As we continued to experience steady growth and expanded acceptance of our products, we maintain our initial commitment to providing the best possible products along with superior service. We continually strive to address the individual needs of each of our clients, including customizing our products and services where necessary. Throughout our history, we have consistently been a leader in the use of the latest technology, and we will continue to bring practical, proven solutions to our current and future clients.

Company launched
Nationwide presence
Developed web portals
Cloud services launched
Launched My BackPack apps
New solution released
Joined Forces
With Education Brands