Announcing SchoolCommunity!

Senior Systems and Community Brands are thrilled to announce the new SchoolCommunity platform connecting our leading solutions for schools. Through single sign-on and two-way data integration, this platform empowers you to choose from a best-in-class portfolio of solutions while creating a more rewarding experience for your community of students, parents, and administrators.

To better meet the needs of private and independent schools, we have brought together a portfolio of solutions to support admission, enrollment, tuition management, student information systems and payments. The individual mission and size of each school means that often, needs are best met by using a combination of technology solutions. The new K-12 integration platform, SchoolCommunity, enables just that. Now, you can choose the best mix of products from across our K-12 software suite and benefit from seamless data exchange and an intuitive user experience.

As part of the integration we announced last summer, TADS and Ravenna are the first solutions using the new platform. Enabled by SchoolCommunity, schools who need a more advanced admissions strategy can pair Ravenna admission with enrollment, financial aid and tuition management capabilities from TADS. Data can seamlessly move between systems, saving many hours of manual entry and reducing the risk of lost or inaccurate data.

SchoolCommunity also helps schools immediately improve user experience by reducing multiple logins across systems. With a “wallet” style universal ID, families and administrators use one SchoolCommunity ID – the same username and password – to access solutions across our K-12 software suite; gone are the days of remembering multiple passwords! Instead, as you add solutions within the suite, SchoolCommunity makes this possible without the adoption, implementation, or support challenges that sometimes accompany multi-system use.

To learn more about our K-12 software suite and how it can benefit you, check out the full press release.

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