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The Differences Between SIS and LMS

All Independent Schools recognize the significance of a robust Student Information System (SIS) that educates and informs personnel, maintains the integrity of your data, and keeps all offices across the campus updated with real-time data. Choosing the most suitable Student Information System to accommodate your school’s needs takes time coupled with extensive analysis. During this process it is important to understand the difference between a Student Information System and a Learning Management System (LMS).

A Student Information System is a software program for education and learning organizations to maintain student records. Your SIS needs to handle a wide variety of academic tasks to keep things running smoothly. You need functions to manage students and parent data, faculty, departments, grading, scheduling, attendance, discipline, and much more. Boarding schools need additional features to manage special situations such as dormitory assignments and weekend sign-outs. You will need quick and secure access to sensitive school data, and, of course, you need your SIS to be tightly integrated with your accounting, admissions, and alumni/development software.

In contrast, a Learning Management System delivers and manages instructional content. Depending upon the specific provider, an LMS program may offer content production and management tools, posting and feed functionality, integration with other products around your campus, E-commerce, and more. An LMS also can have an assessment component, to observe and collect data about each and every student’s progress. Simply put, a Learning Management System is a vehicle for continuing the classroom experience in an online format.

How can the Ascendance SIS help you?

  • Manage the admissions process, from early Inquiry stages through application and enrollment.
  • Instantly construct class and educator activities based on your student body and instructor and resource availability.
  • Track examinations, ratings, points, scores and additional intellectual development metrics.
  • Record attendance details and perform actions such as mailings and notifications based on absences and other discipline records.
  • Manage residential students, including boarding administration and home-life details.

Third-party Integration

Senior Systems Ascendance integrates with multiple popular Learning Management Systems, such as Schoology, Haiku, LearnSprout, Finalsite, and many more. Integration between our SIS and your LMS provider can be accomplished via the Senior Systems API.

There are many considerations before upgrading your SIS. With Senior Systems, there is no need to worry! We provide a hands-on approach in our implementation process. Depending upon your needs and preferences, we can provide training at your site, online, or at our new state-of-the-art training center in Massachusetts. We recommend standard training schedules for each of our products, but these can be adapted and customized based on your unique needs.

Download our free guide for choosing an SIS for your independent school.

We would love to show you more! To schedule a demonstration of our robust Registrar system (SIS), please contact sales at 1-888-480-0102, Ext 2, or E-mail us at sales@localhost/wordpress.

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