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How To Use My BackPack FormBuilder To Collect Payments

FormBuilder is an add-on product for My BackPack that makes it easy for users to develop custom-created forms and communicates with parents and staff directly, electronically and paperlessly.

How My BackPack FormBuilder Works:

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Develop Form

The 3rd Grade is getting excited about their annual class field trip. Mrs. Wilson, their teacher, knows that getting signed permission slips and trip payment each year is a process that takes time. Sometimes these notes get lost, parents delay responding, or checks are forgotten –requiring follow-up calls and emails.

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Mrs. Wilson had a quiet moment at home one evening, so she logged in to My BackPack using her secure password to create a message to parents about the field trip.

With FormBuilder, she created a form announcing the 3rd Grade field trip details such as time, date, where to meet, etc.

This type of trip requires a RSVP so she added a ‘YES’ button for parents to select if their child will be going on the trip. She also set up a ‘NO’ button with a note field if a child was not able to attend. She also noted a deadline to RSVP.

There is a cost to the trip so Mrs. Wilson specifies the amount of payment and adds a button so parents can make payments safely and securely.

Mrs. Wilson decides this was the perfect opportunity to have parents verify contact information. She selects fields (such as name, address, primary telephone contact, email, etc.) to be populated for each student and adds a note asking parents to kindly verify and correct contact information.

She saves the entire form in My BackPack.

Before she sends the form, she confirms that only children currently in the class will receive the note. One student recently moved away, and she wants to make sure that family does not receive a field trip note.

All looks good. She hits ‘SEND’ and planning for the 3rd Grade Class Trip is officially underway.

Parents Receive and Reply to Message

Each parent instantly receives an email in his or her inbox informing them about the upcoming trip details.

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Mrs. Bryan immediately opens her email because she saw the text her child’s teacher sent to her. She is pleased to send her child on the trip and responds by clicking ‘YES’ to RSVP. She then selects the payment button to have the cost of the trip charged to her credit card.

She reads Mrs. Wilson’s note about verifying contact information. The family email recently changed, so she enters the new email then clicks ‘SEND’.

Mrs. Wilson instantly gets a text notification about Mrs. Bryan’s response.

Mrs. Wilson approves the new contact information to replace the old contact information in the school database.

Database Reporting

Without further action by Mrs. Wilson, RSVP and Payment Status lists have been developed electronically for her. She also has a new class contact list available to print.

Accounting now knows who has paid for the trip, and this information has been updated in the family account.

Save countless hours, resources and headaches with a multi-step process easily simplified with My BackPack’s FormBuilder. For more information about FormBuilder, please visit the product page or contact our sales department for a live demonstration.

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