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The Advantages of a Completely Integrated Solution

The advantages of a completely integrated solution for schools are the same in any complex administrative operation. Integration means data is shared across the organization and only has to be entered once. From enrollment to graduation and every transaction in between, a completely integrated system for schools is the total solution.

There are many administrative software solutions on the market for independent schools. Most programs serve a single, specific need. Your school might use one program for attendance tracking, another for schedule management, and still more for publishing report cards, sending decision letters, and tracking graduation requirements, while relying on paper records as well. You have to manage integration between all the disparate programs to ensure that your student data is completely up to date.

Fed up with data integration headaches and desktop clutter? It might be time to think about a better way: the single database approach.
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Ask Yourself the Following:

You can do each of the above – and much more – with an integrated administrative system for your school. The solution does not include workarounds, data kludges, complex programming scripts, or all-nighters to synchronize the data you have into a completely integrated system. A completely integrated system provides the means to share everything from the student’s enrollment, current course schedule, academic profile, tuition – everything.

It’s All in the Cloud – Academically Speaking

Better yet, what if the integrated administrative solution was in the Cloud, easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection? Cloud products such as IaaS and SaaS are changing the paradigm of school technology. The Cloud is taking over the world of business and public computing – and is now available for your school. The SaaS model combined with a single database program is your fully integrated software solution.

The Advantages of a Completely Integrated Solution:

      • Along with improved data integrity, full integration gives you real productivity benefits since your staff only enters data once.
      • Your integrated solution is scaled to your needs, and its platform can grow as your enrollment increases. You pay only for the services you use, and you can add modules as your needs grow.
      • The service provider (Senior Systems) becomes your virtual IT support department. While you watch over your students, we monitor, troubleshoot, and protect your sensitive data. We manage your software upgrades, patches, and other environment needs.
      • Your data is continuously available and accessible to authorized users on a variety of devices, regardless of the operating system.

Now is the time to modernize! Replace your school’s collection of non-integrated systems with a completely integrated solution. Worried about investing in hardware and software? The Cloud solution is for you! Senior Systems offers a fully-hosted single-database solution so you can reap the benefits of accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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