What’s new in Ascendance Version 92_8

Just in time for spring, Senior Systems is proud to release Ascendance version 92_8, featuring a host of enhancements and amendments designed to upgrade your user experience.

Access and Edit School Data On-the-Go with Mobile Apps

Among the improvements included in this release are several updates to the Mobile Apps suite.  With Ascendance Mobile Apps, students can access grades, homework and attendance records, parents can monitor academic progress, and teachers can check their schedules and assignments or enter attendance directly from their tablets or smartphones, and version 928 makes it even easier for them to do so by refining functionality and smoothing out rough edges.

View relevant and accurate academic data, Enter and Edit Daily or Class Attendance for your students, and share important contact details between members of your school community, all at the tap of a touchscreen and protected behind appropriate security privileges.

Gather Inquiry Data Quickly and Easily with Our Online Inquiry Form

As you begin to plan your season of Admission Events for the upcoming year, consider the many benefits of collecting Inquiry Data using My BackPack’s paperless, integrated online Inquiry Form.  Try setting up a computer at your information sessions where guests can enter their contact information as they arrive, or passing an iPad around after your presentation. Thanks to updates in version 928, the Inquiry Form fields will clear after each guest Submits regardless of your Internet Browser, making it quick and easy to gather information from large groups and send it to your database in no time at all.

 Improve Online Payment Security with Enhanced Credit Card Data Collection

As part of our continuing effort to enhance data security for you and the members of your school community, Ascendance 928 includes the option to capture the CVV for online Credit Card Payments, adding an extra layer of protection against fraudulent payments.  If you’d like to take advantage of this new function, or decide to deactivate it, your Senior Systems administrator can easily change the setting from within My Backpack Preferences.

Build Better Forms with a Better FormBuilder

By now, you’ll be familiar with the FormBuilder, our handy new tool that puts the power in your hands to create versatile online forms and media dropboxes.  We put great care and attention into FormBuilder prior to its release in version 927, and we’ve added a few new features and fine-FormBuilder_NewMenutuned existing ones in version 928.  A new and improved paragraph tool within FormBuilder will allow you to include extensively customizable blocks of formatted text, including nested tables, hyperlinks, bullet lists and even merge fields to display user-specific database information directly in the form.

Additionally, data-entry fields within forms that have been linked to your database will automatically populate with pre-existing data making the process of filling out your forms fast and simple; users can update information only if they need to, and never need to re-enter information that you already have.

We’ve also re-organized the FormBuilder tools menu to make it more intuitive and easy-to-use, and added a new Randomizer option to the Multiple Choice Tool to further simplify the Form creation process.

Keep in mind that these enhancements, and indeed the construction of FormBuilder itself, are thanks in large part to your suggestions and requests, so please speak up if there is something you’d like to see.  Your feedback is important to us!

Read the Full Release Notes

These are only a few of the enhancements included in version 92_8. Click here to check out the complete release notes!

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