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Implementing Mobile Apps At Your School

Mobile apps have assisted in propelling the idea that they can do anything when it comes to online learning and management.

The question remains as to why more schools don’t integrate mobile apps into their budgets? When assessing 21st century skills, the management and understanding of mobile apps is critical. In addition, the practical integration of apps only helps to benefit students, families and teachers. In order for more independent schools to get on board, a school-wide discussion about the benefits is surely needed.

With the advance in technology and ease of owning a mobile device, traditional access to the Web has seen a sharp decline. Many families nowadays are taking advantage of online information through the use of apps, as well as mobile web browsers, much more routinely when compared with desktop computers or even tablets. By developing mobile apps that maximize school communication for classroom data, independent schools may augment family involvement. Moreover, it enhances individual scholarly execution by use of attendance tracking, class assignments, and instructor feedback.

Mobile apps are everywhere, including the Ascendance Mobile app – designed specifically for the Independent School. Ascendance Mobile for Parents, Students, and Faculty gives your community at-your-fingertips tools on their preferred devices. Leveraging Ascendance Mobile will make the day-to-day education experience more accessible and convenient for your parents, students, and teachers. When planning for your 2015-2016 school year, consider our solution in your mobile strategy.

Here are some of the features Ascendance Mobile has to offer:

  • Overview: Look at the students’ data, such as their names, grade level, adviser and homeroom teacher.
  • Marks: Students and families may view grades and instructor feedback.
  • Schedules: Have the daily inventory available at the tips of your fingertips.
  • Attendance: Parents can review daily assignments and attendance to ensure that students stay on top of class work.
  • Homework: Stay on top of homework, with ease.
  • Grades: Faculty can enter attendance through the app quickly and efficiently – no need to rekey data into a desktop at the end of the day!
  • Financial Account Status: Get real-time updates on account balances.
  • SECURITY: Your data is secure and controlled by you, meaning that you decide who can see what.

To learn more about Ascendance Mobile and all its capabilities, please contact us at 1-888-480-0102, Ext 2, email us at sales@localhost/wordpress, or fill out this form to get in touch with a sales specialist.

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